This site has a collection of some of the most popular Irish songs in Irish, or as Gaeilge. Each page includes an English translation of the Irish lyrics and embedded YouTube videos. Chords and tabs are included where possible. There's a selection of sean-nós songs, pop songs in Irish, Irish ballads and children's songs we learned at school! This is a really handy and fun way of learning Irish and also getting to know these beautiful traditional Irish songs. More Irish song lyrics will be added over time. If you spot any errors or have suggestions for the lyrics, translations or chords, please drop me a line.

Like all traditional music, Irish folk music has changed slowly. Most folk songs are less than two hundred years old. One measure of its age is the language used. Modern Irish songs are written in English and Irish. Most of the oldest songs and tunes are rural in origin and come from the older Irish language tradition. Modern songs and tunes often come from cities and towns, Gaeltacht and English-speaking Ireland.

Unaccompanied vocals are called sean-nós ("in the old style") and are considered the ultimate expression of traditional singing. This is usually performed solo (very occasionally as a duet). sean-nós singing is highly ornamented and the voice is placed towards the top of the range. A true sean-nós singer will vary the melody of every verse, but not to the point of interfering with the words, which are considered to have as much importance as the melody. To the first-time listener, accustomed to pop and classical singers, sean-nós often sounds more "Arabic" or "Indian" than "Western". Non-sean-nós traditional singing, even when accompaniment is used, uses patterns of ornamentation and melodic freedom derived from sean-nós singing, and, generally, a similar voice placement.

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