Úna dheas Ní Nia

south Una Nia not
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English (machine translation)

Two I'd turn as I was, without age, without pains in bones,
not keeps grasses found me out where would be my wish,
I would be eternally playing music to her as she is beautiful, smooth voices,
with what I gave she made ??love to her home in my heart.

What surprised the young men to talk about women always,
Or thinking flavored kisses, that is the Virgin blessed Christ,
Two were with me all the territory Fodla, behind not live live month,
is alas without you I am married to Una Nia not right.

He would see her Sunday is going out a constitution,
was the star of knowledge about it, was going before me in the manner,
not seachmalla risk than any fog forever choíchin than her,
and the sun did not she call she remains as mutually respectful of my desire.

Her mane is trilseach ring weak woven close to their ears,
has two cheeks as the Rosa lily breaking through,
a long time ago received the crowds die after my arc lady,
owe the place appointed by God provided with accommodation in limitations that Inishnee .

Two she would up in effect advice to be together
The time was the Greeks was going to war with Troy,
would Eiléan no claim no bhuailfí beat any side,
in Paris would one casting Una Nia not right.

If I have all powers in Paris on Bonaparte,
a wealth of King of Spain is to get some distance,
not two be in m'fháltas pens, dtabharfainnse not over her,
with the hope that I would be at the party Una Nia not right.

She Una Ornamental mhómhar would improving the appearance of women territory Fodla,
In accord with affection as a courtesy, a crime is a 'popular,
Two obtain my choice to build women love nice light,
is Una to thoghfainn initially on women life.

It is almost the author éagnaigh not born a year in advance is,
before passing men more robust than béarfar again choíchin,
Heirciléas as relatives, how close we have two deny?
But leave it to academics or old friends some.

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