Trasna na dTonnta

Across the Waves
This is a traditional Irish song often taught to primary school children. It is sung to the same tune as "Westering Home more...

This is a traditional Irish song often taught to primary school children. It is sung to the same tune as “Westering Home”. The upbeat song is a narration of a rover who is returning to Ireland following his travels abroad. The song originates from the Gaoth Dobhair area of County Donegal.

In the video is a version by Na Casaidigh. Na Casaidigh or The Cassidys are an Irish traditional group. They have been based in Dublin for many years, but they originally hail from Gweedore, County Donegal. The group consists of brothers Aongus, Seathrún, Ciarán, Fionntán, Feargus, and Odhrán. Irish is their native tongue and they had to study English as a second language during their school years, which allows Na Casaidigh to alternate easily between both languages in their songs.

The Cassidys’ father has long been a church choirmaster. He instilled his love of music, and Gaelic music in particular. Music instruction was woven through the boys’ childhood. Piano or fiddle was introduced first, followed by other instruments that included whistles and pipes, bodhrán, and guitar. The home atmosphere that created a love of music and learning also implanted the idea that music is a social pursuit meant to bring pleasure to both the audience and the players.

Their lyrics are mostly in Irish. They have performed classic Irish songs, such as “Bó na Leathadhairce”, “Báidín Fheilimí“, “Peigí Leitir Móir” and “Beidh Aonach Amárach“. They have added a rock-twist to their music in recent years.

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Over the waves, going west, going west!
Good-bye to loneliness and to the distant remoteness;
Bright is my heart and bright is the sun,
Happy to be returning to Ireland!

I saw my fill of countries abroad,
Gold and silver, the wealth of the world,
My heart rises in me with the break of each day,
As I draw closer to the land of my people!


People of the West, they're the friends of my heart,
Welcome and celebration awaits me on every side.
Leaving this life I pray to the Lord
That it's with them I'll be stretched in the graveyard!

Extra verse:
On my journey - oh! my heart rises!
The weather is beautiful and the waves are settled
Steering directly to land of my bosom
And I'll be in Ireland tomorrow!

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