Pluid dhorcha Leára

Leára dark blanket
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English (machine translation)

It is despicable that the pastime I got, unfortunately,
Taking a dark blanket description Leára
In bed to meet outside in my garden
Or Stuck in my two oars;
I'd rather have been dead and buried alive
Do not be alive before the hardship facing me,
If she is in public, Greening or convent,
According Evening! my word, it will take a slope!

I left in the morning I took my stick with me,
and I walked out to the house Leára,
'Get up to something dirty, the signal correct me
on bedding for children!
The side she was right, it was a long fionnach,
the other side of the plate as smooth,
Do not just go home and take a friend's advice
as devil taste never found her! '

Thóig am the train on time twelve
And I went to Queenstown the day,
I walked Ireland around shelf together
then and three Aran Islands!
Having been seen by the amount of trouble I got two for
From Cork to set up Croagh Patrick,
While she would but in the room at Beairtlí Cooney
for Young Bride as children.

Two in the room she would Beairtlí Cooney,
It must be out on the street,
that's not always in practice not anything Andy
was not under or over but bags;
was bed 'about-about' him like every beggar,
And was a thumb in women above bpolláirí
for fear that any encounter Ciarragán lame,
and he was going to begin his bones!

And did you hear the battle to be behind here in gCaisín,
and will begin the first day of March,
Vessels Queen there many up arms,
will the Turks, the French and Spain there;
The Russian coming there, himself and his men of
and tóigfidh the merican beside,
devil man we'll communicates the spring
Sea of obtaining we Leára dark blanket!

Sunday afternoon, I went to walk,
I walked Rosmuc the Wood Sea,
Around back did I go to Durrus
In woodpecker is Fourth of Dog;
At appetites gratified by house Wallace sea turns man-how for me,
He took three toss out the cards,
'Do not just go home to Green Oak
as there are Leára dark blanket!'

And swearing the priest to fall on Andy,
from stealing the blanket dark from Leára,
devil trout would kill it from Monday to Saturday
Two have the sea many who;
comprise said his wife to him, 'Take him home
and who knows not God stigma dtóigfeadh us,
not good is that you know from the time the snow
that I did and drár kinder shirt! '

The women were two sculptures, they were in a rush
is they did not zone but one it,
is I win it, it can not be criticized
not lie the bugs on blanket Leára;
not young girl handsome two whose affinity
Will not a dark blanket Leára report,
as two bhfághadh she is three nights on a bed separation
would her son in one of the three quarters!

And put Henry Loughlin letter to Colm,
stamp and seal it tight,
No resident or stop he went to Cork
No pen costs than wages;
It was a rush by appetites that other kingdom,
and never spoke but one word to him,
that people without hurry or worry about work
'by a report would Leára dark blanket!

And Henry Mitchell and his sword is a gun he
Here we Mount Sheep,
and that he heard in Cork it was a war
Due to blanket dark Leára;
I was the other day as I walk in Galway,
and I waiting to float the boats,
Who was going past me I'd see the other side of the wall
But loving old lady from Malbay.

'Are you the Andy Kelly from whence I am far you?
Go forth or gcraithe I handed you,
greeting heaven with soul killed
and accompanied me "Phuid dark Leára"!'
'A young girl loving, whatever any IBRC from you,
I do not offend you in this case,
I have heavy tired since I left home
at an event that I stick in each hand!

Wool without lubricants, scald it is difficult,
not to weave can not be carded
Two drops of whiskey thóigfeadh bhfághainnse my courage
is nice, I would say 'dark blanket Leára'!

I was the other day when I was at conflict over the article,
Yes I saw the feithideach ugly,
was something like a trough there about his arm,
was the blanket dark down their heels;
I let whistled the dog to ndíbreoinn the house is
On it scanródh fear that the child,
and I'd see just how Andy Kelly
And not a drop of blood thiúrfainn a shame!

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