An spailpín fánach

The casual laborer
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English (machine translation)

Oh, laborer gay gifted yours and be providing women for me,
As chroithfinn the seed twice in the spring against the dtaltaí white
As chroithfinn the seed twice in spring against taltaí white
My hands on the plow after the horses and réabfainnse sloping hills.

And my five hundred goodbye, a district my father, forever forever the beloved island,
and the crowd of young men in my home after I had failed in their time of need,
is burned Dublin Galway will be taken, the flame We bonfires,
will be wine and beer on the table at my father - that help the casual laborer.

Is the first day that I enlisted I was merry happy,
and the second day I enlisted, since I was sadly tormented,
But the third day I enlisted would give five hundred pounds to leave,
But dtugfainn and the other times, did not I receive my passport.

And fine day I was on the market Kilkenny came to heavy rain,
is I pulled in and sent me back to the wall and I started calling the card,
not been called in my wife the ale expected to benefit my spade,
and called devil tear our morning then below was not a casual laborer.

Oh, and fine day I was down in Galway and the river was going downhill,
was the trout and eel and the pack of rods there all such fine,
Oh, were young women there taught built, they were thin tláithdeas,
But there was a young woman if she suífinnse not that black on white it.

And I long for the day that I would be in a home without a big sweetheart long years and three months,
As I merrily gay boy to bhréagfadh meanmnach the bhruinneall gentle,
is the eleventh woman was both jealous and I contested my expected benefit spade,
was the veils prayer when I used to over the threshold, ' Now behave Yourself, a casual laborer.'

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