An Bás

The Death
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English (machine translation)

The day I left home that I went out on an offshore island,
I came home with friendly - would change me lie to say,
was the calm rational catchy little I spin the big Dhar,
was teaching the men and women on their not seeing I a lot.

Everything Dhar liked me without obscenities, without grabaireacht,
Without any word aranta, but ndéanaimis of humor,
Two gcaithinn quarter the spring there, chomhairfinn not, in my week there,
But there dressed bed me conversing with the death.

He talked me angry, but I asked him to masculinity,
has inquired of what the name is, or what is a native side,
'you Jupiter was the past, or Heirciléas was dominant,
Or Neptune, god of the sea, the sea became self? '

'The Big Red you, or hurricane, son Anncair the ship for Success-Malahide,
A thought that Ireland since it was easy to beat with emphasis,
Or the New Talc son owl who had not stopped it that much blood spilled,
or Goll son of Morna is complied - it was not for himself? '

'Not long ago I was there Jupiter, Heirciléas was not dominant,
not Neptune, god of the sea, came from the sea itself,
But I die under ghiúin, was better than them all,
I chat with you tonight and I will have you own me. '

When he spoke to me so angry that I handled it m'arm,
I thought as long entry, but I is not got me,
raised my sword I followed around the walled fields,
not strong potential not to lie had to run and jump.

'Listen and I let my soul, I will bring me my promise thee,
If I will last long to short, not about your dhéint thiocfad,
Two would nGlinn Battle outstanding I would not be half as dominant,
is where my people are to thick to withstand me fair play . '

Frightened cattle and women on a hill when it heard laughing cry,
He had no place in any home, but he went out to that effect,
Below Gap cráiteachán it now in a poor hut,
Few proceeds than chance, but they Clúid own them.

Men are the place on guard outside before the couple as grain any
Two bhfacas heretofore or here or in gCeard any under the sun
greeting Evening! And accept the two, ceanglaidh them for a few stone,
Scaoilidh back by the source, is not teagadh they expire.

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