Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin

Thomas White Aiken
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English (machine translation)

And coming from the house wakes me I have knowledge of my desire,
my ruin and my crown him not at home I spent the night,
is arraing engaged thrasna drying and live in my heart,
'Gus, dear, may you go home if I live I will not survive the month.

In came Thomas White visiting me when I was lonely me,
comprise said, 'Do not concern you or anything like it,
s your locks Dualach I killed most about you erected me,
is it worse to nine you hours than in my mother after me. '

The Thomas White, for sure you are secret true love of my heart,
A Thomas, that I gave affection thee than grasses young life,
Oops, condemned you for sure if there is a grace of God,
as Christ, treachery is on plant it perfectly.

As neighbors to advisory or Take me is,
as I went to teach the information to Sweetheart bright my heart,
I have not always bad advice from him yet since I was born,
as if I should find but getting the lane is to take My heart.

Not kill monastery or church did, my heart,
not meat or fat unnatural it or anything like it,
But because bhólach Stanley erected my sorrow,
And he who has affection for the children of foreigners it, the that it gcaille.

Love is strong guards come, my heart,
Fitzgeralds Cloyne young arms Daly and King,
The Major young O'Connell from there Kelly Yellow Deception,
Two young Donegal three as would I, not mounted, my heart.

The Thomas White McEgan, my sorrow you are going in a cell,
is what surprises your mother be sadly behind,
If you were a bed of death she no case kinder you are ill,
But you have hanging off the most rain saltracha with your back.

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