Púcán Sheáin Antaine

Púcán John Anthony
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English (machine translation)

Is not sway the country Maínis now a long time,
is proud that many people and I tell Evening! Why,
Because boat John Anthony's at anchor on the beach,
as she is beautiful all the side now, and the Ark itself.

Is not boat perfectly inside in bhFínis is a one in gCrompán
'is hitting boats nationwide and gnóchaint every reason,
not leathshásamh by the people without the three of them to be there,
is when tarraingítí addition of wind are not scene any better.

And when tarraingítí repression wind them that the sea be high,
not'd see this is a mile from you flat on the beach,
as was credit to the freed she was taken from her two hands,
as was the nobility loved the most was the craft them outright.

And she went against the stream Dingle that was not her only play,
she had three leathbhoird Bay Greatman down,
when she got deep sea south of Rossaveel,
Nar sailed into Galway to she would arise from the spell.

Is not welcome in Galway when she arrived in the country,
was not an officer or sergeant or soldier on the Cape
was not a bridge Lough Atalia or may see it there in the country,
Before involve the outfit bright her with her ??on the lorry.

And she went up to Wicklow, if Raftery sitting,
That he would see how nice she was under and over,
as he would long song kinder to a voice it is sweet,
As it was victory speech, mouth and voice port ones.

And students of this school is that they seek a sport,
not once from the master wept down the tree must,
To count boats sea from Sceirde to the Head,
is watching boat John Anthony was going to swing inland cliff.

And the day she was to address that with their departure from the place
was nice sight seen is a leveling of the beach,
as was uniform And bright undergone from by post to the member,
is not pair sails forward she is another one behind the tree.

Is the day it sent out in Maínis that it sent to the east of the beach,
did not storm or gale but a chalm without the smeámh,
It was raining faces her and cleaned Annaghvaan,
is not great loneliness of marine Mhaínis she will return there again.

Is not she threw in pier Eachnais for a few months or three,
said people mbailteachaí that would send her ever again,
as had her wooden shaker that she was getting old and obsolete,
not so she is not a young girl again.

Is not were long or we'll see her address to the Chief,
S being made ??of the three leathbhoird is by chocks inland cliff,
S to anchor a month of us the weather be fine,
is to be seen again we forever behind Rock crab.

As soon missed day of stakes that will be sorted out to swing,
will she wept that Cuigéal, that Costello is that Kilkieran,
will be the best of men to serve it, Colin Fadden and Mr.
Nor sailed ever Killary two man any better.

Is not freed is Lacken Ennis Ennis is not freed,
is freed on Cashel if we lore about,
as we have done boats still benefit from the beginning of life,
But the flag from her first day on it has been made.

Is not freed in Harbour Maínis also available,
is freed down in Galway and made ??boats are fine,
But we need as we saw as' we heard them say,
That sway the country freed Maínis never at making boats.

Not many men would like the song to write,
is a shilling a quarter of it is protected by paper pens,
not a bottle of rum five gill, which I hope from the cheap,
and shilling for the home from home Mheill Red down.

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