Máire Rua

Mary Red
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English (machine translation)

I have not been 'un dinner from a woman ghnaíúil was in place,
as was often the entertainment we, do not mind me say,
When opened book O Laois, was signed on the top,
the vessel that the wine there, the mine remains in the program.

Puins wine was not on our program two each abraínn their not,
was a company that had humor and laughter over the heart,
But the young woman was in the home that you could say that she was pretty,
Did not she knocked the paper from her and she goes into me.

'Excuse me for to bother are to Let BUT I mean you hear,
I know You are a seaman, your eyes are bright and clear,
I'd like to see the scenery, this is Such a lovely day,
If you Give Consent we do i'll drink i have and we do will run away. '

'Being Well, a girl from the place you or did you abroad?
Or how did you fairnéis on where dtáinigis from?
Are allowed the men dumb speech to say twice,
on a woman you are reading knowledge or widow of a living man? '

'Being Well, a girl from the place that I am not I came overseas,
But I walked the static and I came back,
but I read in the papers shráideannaí of Dublin,
That below Hotel Carna is always the fun and the food.

'From the skull now lost you unless you recognize the woman red,
is that you told in the past the day with me that I was in the beginning of the crowd,
is not year that the night-morrow is a dhaimsigh we reel?
A when you said "Come on Galway" I did not stand by your side? '

Was not the best one but it now I could not say anything,
But I resigned my position as she grabbed my hand
was not her name and surname of its neck under the center,
is not heads through the windows when we had left the car.

Did not we dropped that comfortable in the town center
was a program puins wine there was the band playing music,
not a person is coming and going there, beat and beat out,
But the sun went unknown us as we turned back.

She spoke to me in English when it closed in a fog,
" As this is Connemara, I do not Know where to that '
But I answered it promptly natured," Continue in your advance,
not discourage you one arrives but we run the chance. '

On morning morrow, had my circumstances change,
I was left in total as left Conan Flat,
was the cuckoo relentlessly playing and enjoyable love the sun,
But I did not see in the parlor but my shadow and myself.

But short of that talk of the bubbling from most shows is a man of the house,
he went into the parlor as he put his head under,
goes cuckoo in the nest of larks when she gives her hatred,
but a recital for your enemy to where you left Mary Roe.

Not grabbed yours on the phone and I called up Bleá Dublin,
I woke valley Ireland is the port from previous,
not I woke Killarney, was noise there din,
But there was nothing available for me but ' Good morning ' or ' Hello '.

Is told Radio na Gaeltachta 'was not the story of them relatively soon,
But they were convinced that she went north,
That guard on O'Connell Street as gateways Killaloe,
is that David would be a charge, as it shall Mary Roe.

But I will leave this place, and I will bring me hate him,
shall I JDM as we left to win,
is not I drive down Scalp Johnny, on squeezing north wind,
and again that never I will turn, that will one Máire Rua.

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