Máire Ní Eidhin

Mary Hynes
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English (machine translation)

Accompanied 'un Mass me to say a prayer,
was the day that changed the wind rain,
turns on the banks of the maiden Chill Tártain me
is I immediately fell in love again,
I spoke with gentle teaching
is according to she replied yes quality,
consisted she said, 'Raftery, my mind is willing
But that day I glossary Ballycahalan slap.'

When I got the offer did not let me friends it
But I did laugh almost stopped my heart,
was not a wept We just across the park,
did not we the day we just sinking the house,
set it down board was glass liquor it
is a ring with a point m'ais sitting,
comprise she said, 'Raftery, drink a hundred welcome
are we the strong cellar in Bally slap.'

She Mary Hynes the chiúinbhean polite
is right demeanor and beautiful well pleased,
Thousand clerk wept together
Riding a tréathra could not write,
She met Deirdre with breáichte is Venus,
Were abraínn Eiléan ler delete the Trojan,
Treasures is the championship and who may request a claim
On the bright bpabhsae 'a slap in Bally.

Not pleasant side of the mountain
is you look down you Town O Hue,
Walking valleys associated nut berry
and propose birds as the music from it,
is meaningless in fact both would get insight
on blossom branches and is his side,
not good if no longer deny none,
a sky the sun, you are the love of my heart.

Because of your beauty England that France be characterized together,
Spain Greece is back again,
from the shore of Lake Solar mouth Lough Erne
is not you see treat any like it,
A cheeks ablaze as mali narrow,
A for accordingly as smooth moist mouth,
best Irish women, for their story is that
I gave you the final slap in Bally.

A star of light, as the sun fine autumn,
A locks amber, attracted my heart,
Walk loneliness I ndéanam advice
By appointment Sunday where will our living,
would have me music for you every evening
Puins on board if drunk the wine,
But the King of Glory, that dtriomaí the road,
is till I get the information back again.

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