Eoghan Cóir

Eoghan Fair
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English (machine translation)

This is not the story deacrach in this country
Le distress heart and sorrow,
Since I left you Hill Online
may you go to the Fallmore,
Such a scream as of lament
not were heard in this country yet,
But we have to wonder
From lost, alas, Eugene Fair.

Was well pleased and affection by everyone it,
the older obsolete as the young,
was the rich the poor in love with
Due to the good heart big,
With the election and choice of country
A would spend six gold pieces,
a people other poor, Speed ??was not the
bottle of drink tsíbín.

Was comfortably taking the rent it,
was little his month or two
So you sell your cow to the fair
Or the bit before the tseol,
said to James Peter McCreevy
is suing a King of Tears,
'As was people who,
That is so 'Christ would burn.'

Is had by indifferently lifetime there,
As turns the maid young,
would attract to her in the night
that he would sail low kiss,
It would trove an inner core
That atfadh she filled a large ',
is denying the family Udai it used,
While the country was extensive to breed.

Antoine Gacháin is crying
is John Boyle will not live long,
Oh gcaraid lost in this country,
is fhága hearts of grieving,
I Carrach Reserve extended not
long been on stone or sod
Nobody's worst pair this
not the poor person bald, Eugene Fair.

False are they to do,
not the loss of a man well pleased yet,
But he went to visit his relatives
To see it the largest kingdom,
If thigeann back to this world,
not drive it forever cow,
But will out the country
is the child who'll Boyle.

A seven INSA line
is eight to down twice,
At the time he took permission people
are not spoke to squeak more,
is lándearfa written,
That land territory all live,
is long will we be in this world this
may be useful to us in small drops to drink!

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