Crann Úll

Apple Tree
This song appears on Clannad's fifth album Crann Úll, released in 1980.

This song appears on Clannad’s fifth album Crann Úll, released in 1980.

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There's an apple tree growing in the garden
And we'll sit down, until they put the earth on it
In case the local youth fall in love with it

Chorus (after each verse):
You will move
I will move
And we will move together
Oh beautiful, charming branches

I prefer the smith that is working in the workshop
Hitting the hammer strongly and steadily
Earning his pay and drinking it in the tavern

I prefer the farmer herding happily
On a nice day in spring with a plow and gloves
Applying himself to his work and turning earth

I prefer the fisherman out in his little boat
Casting his net and catching the salmon
Fighting with the waves from morning until night

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