Can’t Hold Us

Can't Hold Us
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Coláiste Lurgan are moving in high circles, as rap master Macklemore joined the students to create their latest ‘as G more...

Coláiste Lurgan are moving in high circles, as rap master Macklemore joined the students to create their latest ‘as Gaeilge’ hit.  The American rapper visited the Coláiste Lurgan music crew in Galway as they compiled their latest track, Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’. It follows the college’s two million YouTube hits for their Irish version of Avici’s version of ‘Wake Me Up’. The students’ Avici remake was also played at Croke Park for the warm-up of the first Cork-Clare All-Ireland Senior Hurling final.
Macklemore agreed to do the Irish version of his song after he was approached by the Irish college. Students Keith Ó Briain, Cian Gormley and Ian Mac Gabhann feature as the rappers in their latest video and Jenny Ní Ruiséil and Dáithí Ó Ruaidh star as the lead singers.

“Can’t Hold Us” is a song by American rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis from their collaborative album The Heist (2012). Featuring singer Ray Dalton, it was released as the third single from the album on August 16, 2011. The song also features additional vocals by actress Susannah Wetzel, who sings portions of the chorus alongside Dalton.

The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it their second number-one hit in the United States. It is also their third consecutive number-one single in Australia. The radio edit cuts out portions of the introduction, as well as the extended bridge section and an alternate beat during the last chorus, replacing them with an introduction from Dalton and a clapping beat. The beat is similar to their live performances of the song. The song is in the key of E minor with a tempo set at 146 beats per minute. “Can’t Hold Us” was generally well received by music critics. Lewis Corner of Digital Spy gave the song four stars out of five, praising its “infectious, soul-soaked piano line and beats more vibrant than Rio de Janeiro’s finest carnival floats”. Writing for The Edge, Hannah Mylrea rated the song 9/10 and complemented the duo’s dynamism, deeming it “another massive summer hit”. Allmusic’s David Jeffries also gave it four stars on five and wrote: “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis combine the handclapping, foot-stomping, and propulsive rhythms of old-fashioned gospel music with an infectious, uplifting chorus that could have been ripped straight out of’s playbook…this motivational, “this is the moment” number is identifiably and lovably Macklemore.”

Míle buíochas le ceoltóirí agus scoláirí chúrsa D as an méid oibre a chuir siad isteach i réiteach an fhíseán seo. Keith Ó Briain, Cian Gormley & Ian Mac Gabhann na rapadóirí agus Jenny Ní Ruiséil & Daithí Ó Ruaidh na príomh-amhránaithe.

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Here we are back.
See how it used to be,
How it is, how it will be, how it could be
‘Searching for another way.
That’s the way. And with an opinion, a clue
And believe that we’ve been here for a long time.
And is that what you wanted?
Let this go! A new style’s going on. Beautiful.
Why do you talk like that?
Why do you have your thunder?
I’m lost again between cases and moods.
Fed up with your ways. Stop your crazy talk.
Yup! Listen. It’s easy.
Work through the day.
Read and read again.
That’s the way it is
Which nonsense! I didn’t understand your lesson.
I’ve had my fill of grammar and poems.
We’re not interested in it.
Here is the start to it
Go and shake up the world.
It’s getting better.
It’s changing any sort of nonsense there is.

Go for it! Stay with it.
The network full of our enthusiasm
Our heritage is going in search
Of a place for us in the world.

You. You’re a H-A-R-D-N-O-S-E-D ignoramus.
‘Going out of my mind since I was fourteen
Listening to that shit.
Rules that make no sense.
Take the flag with you.
You (should) have fun too!

Our country belongs to us
And we won’t surrender anything.
Deeds to match our words
And we won’t sell her out.

Chorus x2
Let us go on.
This is your moment.
Don’t look back
And do it with courage.
Throw your hands up.
This life is what is ahead of us.
This life is what is ahead of us.

Now are we ready for it?
Good! This story has started.
It will come. I was always excited for it
but now that it’s here, the commotion has arrived.

Keep me back?
Don’t bother. I’m able to do everything
Without a doubt about it
and I thinking of the time
I thought I wouldn’t be able to.
[Now] I stand up for myself.
Now, well now, I am!

(Our) way is safe.
We will go on.
We’ve a plan in hand.
We’ve a long life before us.
There’s relief when you’re thinking.
Feck off with the boat that took you here
To the devil with you if you don’t understand the craic.
It’s here now. Sing it out.


Rachaidh muid thar fóir.

We’ll go over the top.


Can you provide a better translation?


We will work out the chords for you on request.