Bainis Jimín Joe

Wedding Jimín Joe
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English (machine translation)

Will remember our habits while we subsist on a girl the other side,
as I have spent my shoes back and forth,
the road from the house wall looked to Mary John,
and that the conversation is a quick look at old people like me do not have any there.

And this does not is all that I killed but I say I was old,
and without a tooth in my dhrandal and age the gray in my head,
comprise told my repertoire and her conversation with me without géilliúint to him,
life day long I fortune and happiness will last as long as you.

And it is now only weeks since my love over the harbor,
Not leaving intact a blessing I one the road, new,
When I get up in the morning and I go preparing a cup of tea,
are the tears of my dhalladhsa nostalgia after dear me.

And soon missed day of stakes and the return of Mary again,
Around the cabin chuartós my desire,
But shall I ring her and my right hand under his head,
But forever forever mine Mary that had long to subsist it.

And gabháltaisín little land I so nice and 'is available,
and Mary, give your match for me and give dhomsa your right hand,
will not have any two require you would not I thee available,
will mutton on your potatoes I and butter on your bread.

And no wedding our wedding as James White,
was able Éamon de Valera, himself and a marquee,
was clean pipers dressed at music for us that day,
and had the peelers meetings together making solution on the street

And giortóidh am the lore and will not say I am more,
There is nothing said of way I sea I'm mistaken,
as not chríochnóinn end ry two I would be talking forever,
But memory will our habits while remains we wedding Jimín Joe.

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