An fear ceoil

The music man
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English (machine translation)

Oh, you are the man of music is ambulatory enough,
Get thou me treasure to be me as a woman,
is not santaigh forever property of sheep or cow
and will teach me like thee elected by you to,
from, either soft young indifferently without sorrow,
s taught many of everything manner,
Perfectly innocent too should not pride,
And who is my darling if she would pen.

And a little young girl, from, in behind-the popular,
is past my sorrow, since I did not see it,
Oh, would involve a 'un music by dancing at sports
and walked with her ??the road with me at once the medium night,
is a great opportunity that is not the lily is a rose,
is the appearance of the yellow gold is all a lock,
Two you saw is the jewel being unmarried,
is sure of course that I would have it.

My ruin my torment as I know,
That woe be because the soul of a woman,
would you be more than a program or a bed of death,
Oh, a little of your case-in which would involve its heart,
As sweet are are women spite one
is not a prophet or a poet put it down,
that ever love did both my cheartlár three,
Oh, he would begin to dtuilfeadh beach or six again.

It is to know God is faithful to tell Could it be
that many days I spent loves sports,
is not I would be extremely poor at my relatives,
is no more than that of a treasure chest iarrfainnse,
not ever imagined I do marry,
is a poor man I entertainment, revelry is drinking,
is if not in the country or in the island enthralled
was she ever born, my bheansa yet.

It is know by the life that bpósfainn my desire
Despite relatives living his dream,
But otherwise his love to a person in the country,
from not gheobhainnse from my heart is to give her love,
In the event it choíchin that I bhfuadaínn it
is not in is how to be sure is loud,
not between us would be fighting and arguing again but
is not she would not appreciate any of went through my hand.

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