Amhrán na Trá Báine

Song of White Beach
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English (machine translation)

My special goodbye, to Ireland white, not desirable that the spring itself,
was not talking about work boss Annai or anything like it,
Seal pulling seaweed, taking fhataí is connected grass
is there was a man any two poorest farm in he was not himself.

And when the house was me there, first alas I never stayed there,
now it's scattered away, not taste any two crops,
the man who keeps right for me is, first sadly died
But his brother from my blessing you, it's in-laws t'áit.

And not a bad thing I missed him, deartháireachaí my heart,
them was going to Galway in gcurachín two being from a freak wave that defeat,
Two bhfanfainnse at home you, bet how you have me,
Oh, forever could not program it or that meant to get masons alternative.

And they left the harbor in the morning of the day,
God is with us and Mary, they all three went in ngábh,
no taste of our already purchased the White Strand had not,
came the sticks on the shingle as the coracle on the beach.

And on offense I Pheaits Tom is great temptation I followed,
my other brother who drowned past Martin ever,
But White Micil was worse than I ever bhfacas men,
My dhiomú the sunken wave you have not left a eventually.

Is God help the orphans left you wandering,
not woe would consider them to be scattered while back and forth,
Two in the cemetery I would take you, I would not exist leathchás
But mbocáil between you two if their seas from cliff that cliff.

The shoraidh dhíbhse to dheartháiríní, two had come ye land,
not Would I coffin program city out of the hand of the showings,
Chaoinfeadh young women of the town you, to gcleamhnaí and of a relative
But she Brigid woman lost you and which plagued their lives.

And sadly not lost me the day of baptism I am still young,
Sul if left in my Brent single I without insect mouth alive,
Brother I is not sisters is not my mother alive,
and my dheaide poor frail elderly, God, what surprised him.

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