Slán leis an Dún Aengus

Goodbye to the Dun Aengus
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English (machine translation)

Goodbye! Goodbye to the Dun Aengus,
not many nights and days
she spent on the service
between Galway and the Islands;
There was never any accident thereof
Except for once,
when 'lobster pot rope went
South on the spleens.

Secure its caiptíní,
Six in it:
Maher and Mescill,
was Henrighan short time,
Goggins is McLaughlin,
is currently Sanderson,
But as the lore says,
was the man best Mescill.

Goodbye to everyone,
brought us a long time.
Since they are in America,
Very spacious yet available;
They are in Africa big,
In Australia and Spain,
Since there is no country in the whole world,
Not they dispersed.

There was no vessel from Liverpool,
Pulling that Bleá Dublin,
Do not conducted any boat from Glasgow
to Belfast a year;
A quality is achieved,
To improve cargo ever,
between cattle is thorthí of land,
the bacon and the -iasc.

The view was nice in the summer is
during the fine weather,
used extensively visitors,
Sure she had many;
For no voyage,
In Suez than in the Middle Sea,
A bhuailfeas choíchin beauty
From Galway Islands.

Not many winter morning,
we succeeded "not sit,
Looking down the bay from us,
'Oh, you think she will come?'
Not us' was the delight
occasion she was up the Chief,
as were all his we dteastaíodh
On board she found.

It was the team was nestled
If the world were to be found,
The caiptíní likewise,
was difficult to like 'find;
They knew it ngnaithe know,
appearance or fine bright day,
and if they went over Cape Horn itself,
not to risk it choíchin bay.

But we offer our blessings to her,
Whatever kingdom she engages there
is talk that over America,
Or east Germany;
but end I am the song,
No more I say,
but that was lucky the same condition,
on the St. Enda 's in its place.

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