Ros an Mhíl cois cuain

Rossaveel harbor
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English (machine translation)

The Rossaveel also harbor secret true love of my heart,
and stunning not chodlaím calm to troubled temptation in your chan,
Making melancholy loneliness for me that is a pity that a man of my story,
is that, in my bed the grave I if you bhfuasclaí.

And that wine brown colored pursuant most because the pygmy,
From, wheat blunt barley caused the fern obsolete,
Forever or to grow green grass through the center of my coffin up,
is to be involved with, my darling I do not leaving my heart forever.

And that is the unfortunate without four coaches I to be bye roads Kings
Four of chaiple young are always to be,
A is of young women from Dóilín to limit Rossaveel,
So that bags White to phósfainnse without be it cow pens.

And you do not lie joking, darling of my heart,
not ridicule you or lie, a pearl of the locks,
Did not I vail the insight and I expiry not choíchin
Or I see my road, lawn going Rossaveel.

The boy pretty young I gave mórghean your wife,
I thought myself that bpósfainn it is take it my heart,
no money and no gold I unless drink I rent
and not seen choíchin my bholachaín going road, Rossaveel.

Ireland participated walk like you, opposite the town of Greece,
From Heaven to walk you to go there if I could,
I would thee my mouth bonds two Hand on your head,
are not you éileoinnse cow as you spread the breast pearl white.

Mass would I plow the ground réabfainn Irish and green,
I would later boat would not allow any drop in,
not any two thréineacht river snámhfainn not my strength,
and that the women later in fhága my weak heart.

Is I have seven years of pains in County Clare,
My treasure is my shredding and sméaróide devil in my head,
But two in County Kerry I'd ask me that without being found,
not live without that Brindled Hag be biadán me there.

The boy pretty promising and I can not change to say,
of family Dhonncha Kesh I most of the election of the best men,
Stiúróinn boat on the waves is not pretty easy to ghreadfainn program,
and that I get a woman myself and allow air Available at Feara.

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