Pilib Séimh Ó Fathaigh

Philip Mild Fahey
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English (machine translation)

Last night as I consider the welfare Meelin
While pulling back to me chífinn but the young tsíbhruinneall,
A blanket had thought of her ground, untied cuckoos,
A spreading her arms as her tears síorshileadh;
Your own fhiosraíos the maiden what her country or her name,
'have you síbhean the Craige, Art or Great Queen,
the Chaomh you Anne Fitzgerald, a close relative of our friend and
keeping the rider claiming that Buíchnoc of hosts?'

Those side to the maiden, the beauty of a talon as the swan,
Réalthan without spite would be beautiful at any complexion,
'A shéimhfhir,' spoke at géarghol and conflict,
'Réifidh me to spell that will walk yet;
Me Anne Chaomh Nic Fitzgerald from the Hawks closed Aolbhrú
a tréanfhuil is a clash that ultimately dianmhar me,
I am tormented with a temporary demand from your dead
and Philip Mild is why my dhúbhróin Fahey. '

'My grief and my fatigue, the tréanfhear without energy,
Which daorsnoite in illness, orphans dúbhróin,
or can that the séithleach you play
Glaofad chughatsa future Mary and Virgin of hÓighe;
will your spouse and your child síorghol that Connail
ad claims, to Philip, you is extended without a guide,
and if you go play, make me venue,
is raghad id 'Day festival aiming to mBuíchnoc Mary at noon.'

I demeanor future is compliance certificate
Reach the lead in mBuíchnoc tréanfhuil, of course
the tAonmhac in acceptance in the company of heaven
Taking on t'anam saorbhreath as being exempt from all sadness;
greeting cavity Virgin of Heaven on their coated,
Shining of the cross you scaball gcorón is the '
blessing of the saints and the angels and all the rest of our thaithís one
is my own blessing to you without spite of Glór bright Kingdom.

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