An baitsiléir

The Bachelor
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English (machine translation)

I am now, unfortunately, in my old man,
and I spent a life without so,
Away after the women into the night,
and in my sleep again in the day,
I used to flirting with them at peataíocht,
Playing and drinking,
But I got me own woman ever,
my, my heartache and regret.

Chorus :
There is a woman and I have no children I,
and there fáras I me myself,
not half-red on the life in me,
not a bite to be in my mouth,
O Mary, I was not silly,
not married when I was young,
I would now sitting happily,
Piracy my own thineadh engaged music.

I was aigeantach dancing,
and I was warmly engaged music,
I was artistic flirting,
and I was tipsy in dtoigh the drinking,
I was virtuous funny attractive,
and I do not mind saying,
devil girl both gcaithfinn night with her,
not I fall in love.

When I was young indifferently,
I was caring friendly treatment,
and there is a place not have money,
not I used the night to a woman young,
not a wedding, distribute or baptism
Do concert its former place,
not gcaithfinn have the night,
and part too large of day.

When used to come the summer heat,
and the days long love,
from morning to evening,
watch the shores used to go swimming,
fierce back sómasach,
on hay also the beach,
I used to listen to the fuiseogaí,
and soon to the day.

A boys friend,
I advise to you from my heart,
not accept the Vocabulary,
as I did in the beginning of my life,
But pósaigí the girls,
and not fáras little to you myself,
and not so be left cold feeble empty again,
as I end the day.

But now the age is being displayed
on my sheanchnámha, alas,
I am exhausted crupthaí past,
and I'm pulling the grave,
I'm recalling my sins,
and doing penitence that hard,
and King of the bright glory,
Dunmore mercy me down.

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