Amhrán na mianach

Song of mine
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English (machine translation)

HAmeiriceá back to sea for Insurance
On sealg during the early years of my life,
Searching for gold underground in question
Waterfront interests edge of the mountain '.
While all streets and city shiúlaíos
From Boston to Coral Street,
N'fheaca no place like home
A dh'fhágas to ring the day.

Most anything said with a temporary
at all teallaire cnáiteach foolish,
Not danger you the wind or the rain
But shining up from the sun,
But for chonacsa think enough of the snow
is clagairt of mbáistigh strong,
Chandeliers frozen bedside
morning to ring day.

They have the music at most would get id near
On your bed would not do cloud,
But mines lúthraigh and screaming
and taking smoke high in the air,
would the ranger there known there 'the position
is near the Foreman narrow,
announcing all stróille to deposit
the morning to ring the day.

Your erected down you quickly
From enjoyment and vision of life,
is to give you a shovel or article
hammer or ax little blunt,
would be the ticket machine there known on bar
Working with the power of the air,
is your eyes with dust there two blinded
On day morning to ring.

Most thereby chífeá id near
Nara feacaís id own country,
For chífeá man powder to traction
For ground pressure without Bray,
For chífeá the mule and the horse
is the articles later on heat,
the carrier is the lamp of a hat
on the morning of the day ring.

Now, if you ever gheobhann in their near
Cuimneoidh you my story because,
That poor is the way to life
was no booming scafaire strong,
as your would so deeply underground
Do feicfeá the sun than any era,
But for sholaisín blind your hat
morning to ring the day.

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