Ag Cuan Bhinn Éadair

At Howth Harbour
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English (machine translation)

At Howth Harbour on the shores of Ireland
And I'm on the wave of bóchna in my dying,
Bhéalbhinn dream became unconscious' om viewing
Venus essay or print a woman,
Resigned and said that the first man Creggan
Gael of nobles from the tuambaí up,
O'Neill and beans were a cheap mbeathaibh
Long and complying them in gold property.

I shut most of gray close co fhéadfas
On the right the provincial framework hear below,
And inquired of her own son was Henry
Taking the stone in question framework in order again,
Courses or treason against the dtréanfhear
Middletown closed beforehand to be burned in a rash,
Or who knows the way veterans was virgin beach
'Had Eoghan O'Neill, son of Art Young in the country?

Phoenix is ??still in effect róbheo
Foradh the éabhail not feodh and not faoíodh,
Réimiúil daughter Caitlin Owen festival
A former gold Fodla effect of the property,
Niall Frasach of breasts leaned out without her
A bustle of humanity poured rainbow 'of the heart,
Milidh characteristic of the nobles of Ireland
Cholla extract the good heart of its territory according sump.

He said that at me becoming néamhainn
And to live under the province below,
As the Father Felim was again in effect
Teaching humanity as the country should,
As I received a free domain léagsaí on there
Composing verses musically cry,
And no point in me escape from another country
From bell troubled student was Naois ndorn.

In the same bhruinneall inquired of himself,
'Thou Eiléan dóigheadh ??fought the Trojan?
You or the woman he Orpheus she continued,
He gave his mheorghuth s from detention?

Or you got the latter on the scenic apple
Ler lighting greatly éadbhroid about Troy,
When I had last night Beir
And the provincial éinneach suggest that I am? '

'I'm not éinneach the same banded
Turn was without a shirt before students Phriaim,
But most of the Gaeltacht woman tribe Mhiléiseas
Was in effect turn adjacent Owen,
Ler delete hundred nobles Gael man of love
Aughrim viscous and Boyne about the bríb,
'There are now getting from France with news
Art O'Neill is coming for again.

'My heart is disrupting a hundred thousand part
Balsam is itself not suit my pain,
When I hear all the Ghaeilic being tréigbheáil
And English clash in mbeol all,
Jane is taking Bhullaigh léagsaí
Dhúichibh Ireland on the órbhall cry,
And when I hear news, it ghéabhaim not respond,
"Thou art a Papist, I know thee not." '

Clisim themselves from the same bed
As would cowards would turn in bed,
Oisin prostrate than traveling Ireland
Time lost in the Fhéinn like mórchath the defeat,
Rather than on a hillside in the festival bhFeadh
As spouses ndéanainn that reside smiled,
I found it so much in nglasaibh expensive
And at méiligh Bhullaigh lion in bhfíoch.

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