Casadh an tsúgáin

The Rope Spin
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English (machine translation)

And below in Sligo by the women I know,
not behind at home I drank my fill of them,
According meaning my stick, unless you stop a while longer so as,
But I'll run out trick affecting women .

As played I measure O'Donnell house last night,
and the second trick in a house close by his side,
But the third house which is to me like much other way,
got out the old woman I'm turning the grass Rope .

But what catfish turned the way I yon,
And liachtaí young woman at home I left behind me,
Because fought, and fought on bhruíon I did not crave,
Well Drumshanbo trout and women were foolishly without no sense.

As that would put most chraithfinn threabhfrainn the seed deep in clay,
not seolfainn mb'airde was where would the grass,
I would shoe the horse was the most stirring highest complex would jump,
not absconding woman with man that does himself.

For two were The Fern honey, nice women who would walk,
as they are not half as bad as people say is always,
as a boy I had gone that drank my fill,
But since they put the game on me moving the soft white tsúisín.

And had not I enter a house twice before the day,
was a young woman drunk and back of her head under center,
was I looked past me low, fast or high,
I sent along his side as we moved the súisín soft white.

Well, a God of Miracles, though for I make my grief?
So I'm not nice, I have is cattle, calf or cow,
and if you are vibrant and stable compelling from the center,
Oh, wait far away from me moving the tsúisín soft white.

Had spread by cats, not nice to phógfaí his mouth,
and cat, would not that far from home ruaigfí it,
is not the daughter of veils stoithní gliobaí picked complicated married last night,
my dear at home is not a she phógfadh mouth.

And if you're with me, I do a lot of the household counts,
if you are to be with me every inch of your heart,
if you're me, be with me day and night,
not pity me a desire not Sunday as wife.

Not many grain barley tharraingíonns us noise and talking,
But the value of the drinking never will We're back,
To change the fair exceeds the big wind from the north and south,
But ndeo of tears as I kiss from, a woman.

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