Úna Ní Chonchubhair Bháin

Agnes White Chonchubhair
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English (machine translation)

Years ago I got a chance on the young girl in the valley,
and afterwards not to provide marriage,
Chan you I have loved, oh, my heartache, my sorrow, my torment,
But the woman in question was not destined forever me;
is not my club was short dealradh you forever
Or stretched my body in gclárthaí coffin,
'S, to Agnes Conor White, that it is time for me to hear
and to liachtaí little messenger natured' n d ' information.

I have loved my heart for a young girl in the country,
and not me was deprived of sense,
and that fiscal for the life and the home in question who I am
That would continue the love of my heart, if I could;
As dtéinnse over Spain and coming 'of the home intact,
I would never have your love to one woman,
my melancholy drinking and I will not live long,
While you do not mind but you will sóghach.

And early and my fl ghoillimse neon,
and I osnaíl because you unduly,
and that the King of the Elements know how you do not understand, dear,
That I gave my youth fond of you;
Now since changed you are trends that in me you were another man,
my sweetheart-my heart is in being blasted
duration is 'I last live not go in' un your home,
and not in the side bhreathnóchad you will.

His life and treasure, not long will I live,
and my blessing to young women of the country,
A pearl breast white was right shape of two hands,
is your hair right color of gcaorann;
A slabs gentle white as snow on the side of the fort,
Or arc lady mountain brow,
He is my heartache, my sorrow without me and you for the success of the day,
under close Erne fine woods.

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