Thíos I dTeach An Tórraimh

Down in the Funeral Home
This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Irish band Téada. It appears on the album Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Go more...

This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Irish band Téada. It appears on the album Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone released in 2004. See another version of this song Thíos I dTeach An Tórraimh by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh and Frankie Kennedy.

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English (machine translation)

Ble below in the funeral I found my brown girl
Her cheeks as the roses Her mouth was like brown sugar
Honey crop was the branches there and my céirbheach bottom of trees
'S fish were jumping to the witness as she was I plésiúr

I was musically day, on my sail and I in one of the house
Síorghabháil to music by adding the lying folk inform my heart desire
She could not believe my ghlórthaí, or that she thought that I'd be attracted to
I'm still young enough that I just do not want to marry my heart

'S musical sings sweetly and every bird in the bushes
Nice everything at 'And my girlfriend is very nice brown
I found it a rich depth is further
It is not a nice thing barley juice, 'be drinking and I tightened

I was day musically, in that I glens address cow
Ógmhnaoi happened to me, is dressed insan should éidiú
Hat was a cloak over his shoes and buckles below
Oh my darling seemed to be, the guiding star prisoner was me on the way

Take me on I think Wednesday was the cold morning
I looked on my lane, my darling is far away
I shut my spouse as' am confident that we would go to sleep
Oh, God is the right not to treat the ógmhnaoi I went

Friday curses on the person involved Udai me my darling
Not allowing nearby than I holiday early Monday
Had he is making a deluge of snow is at síochur north
Oh, God I would be if I took her as lovely extension of the swan on harbor

I had a fine summer day I greatly labhdaireacht woman
Springfield By the edge of the woods is not my intention to return ever
If mention of the fate of Springfield for me is not to get involved with a woman
Here the King permanent goodbye to you, you'll be visiting me every where I am

But I do not live in Ireland and I till you to the Islands Fresh
In The place to give my sweetheart ropes in fresh m'fhidil
ORU bhuailfinn port with pleasure against each harbor wall
From the south to the King not treat my sweetheart attracted me

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