Slán Le Máigh

Farewell to the Maigue
This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and Shane McGowan. It appears on Muireann’s so more...

This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and Shane McGowan. It appears on Muireann’s solo debut album Daybreak: Fáinne an Lae, released in 2006. From Dingle in the Kerry Gaeltacht, Muireann has a musical family background. She is a singer and a flute player and a member of the group Danú.

From Maggie

The River Maigh does start in County Cork, but it is better known in County Limerick where it widens and gathers strength, until it reaches the Shannon Estuary, giving up some fine trout along the way.

The song Slán Le Máigh was composed by Aindrias Mac Craith (1708-1795), a famous poet who lived along the River in the Bruff – Croom area of Co. Limerick.

The song was composed in 1738 when Mac Craith was compelled to leave the parish of Croom by the Parish Priest. He was in an unsuitable and indiscreet relationship with a local girl in Croom, her family objected as he was known as a womaniser. It was suggested by the Priest that he should leave the area, mend his ways and settle down. I don’t know whether he took that advice..

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A hundred farewells
From this place I'm in
Beside Maigue of the berries,
The branches, the stacks
The estates, the jewels,
The craftsmen, the crowds
The arts, the stories,
The good-humored warriors

Oh it is ill I am
Without a share, or right
Or company, or money
Without happiness, or jewels
Or sport, or vitality
Since I was sent into loneliness

Farewell forever
To her happy freeman
To her love of kin, her gatherings
Her clergy, her scholars
To the friends of my heart
Not perverse or deceitful
Without flaw, without concealment
Without gluttony, without stinginess


Good-bye, one by one
To its beautiful women
To their fame, their sense
Their loveliness, their complexions
To all its women
To their rank, their visitations
Their messing, their discussions
Their minds and their talents


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