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How Six Songs Collide in Irish was produced by students as Coláiste Lurgan: Cathal Ó Ruaidh, Daithí Ó Ruaidh, Keith more...

How Six Songs Collide in Irish was produced by students as Coláiste Lurgan: Cathal Ó Ruaidh, Daithí Ó Ruaidh, Keith Ó Brian, Jenny Ní Rúséail, and Stiofán Ó Fearghaill. The songs is a mashup by Norwegian Recycling of six different songs: 1. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, 2. Howie Day – Collide, 3. Five For Fighting – Superman, 4. Angela Ammons – Always Getting Over You, 5. Boyzone – All That I Need6. 3 Doors Down – Here Without You.

Frans Peter Bull Enger, better known as Norwegian Recycling, started experimenting with mash-ups in 2006. Since then he has steadily released mash-ups that have been compiled in 3 albums: “So Far” (2007), “Appetite For Deconstruction” (2008) and “The Collage Dropout” (2010). In 2008 he also released a concept-album of sampled melodies from Donkey Kong Country 1,2 and 3, and mashed them with hip-hop and RnB samples. His style of mashing has evolved through the years, and likes to write lyrics and express articulated views and opinions by using the words and voices of other artists. He also emphasizes the visual aspect by releasing videos to accompany his tracks.

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Well for you dropped me make sure that I
Trying to love-in as you are the real person
A is able to stimulate the man 'is lonely

Before the end of the day I will do the effort '
I is not stop anything other than to please, but
I suppose I could because it's destiny

I shall wait on you, more, more
You have me, 's you will forever a'msa

Wakes the sun, light 'coming down
I look behind, we are back again from the beginning

Open 'nos your eyes' s you will
Open 'mach your mind as there is no pressure
Look inside there will be grief, torment, on you
Listen to my music maybe I accompanied you gcanfaidh
Feel your heart is light
There is nothing between us but love love love

I'm free but you are not, I will go soon
There's a'm I will not see your face, lit again

Noble and low, only ups the downs
Out of the doubt a'm eventually We're together a

Bhreáliomsa was flying, I shall take away
As I have still looking, the best part for me

'Making effort, every day
But I can not wear my shadow
'S not easy, anyway

Not enough for you my encouragement
It occurred to me the other day, the fact can not be overstated
You did not listen to my speech
I do not think things Nu ', I do not care what you emigrate
So now my decision
You are always 'loss of control', this is not worth my effort

I was lost without direction, 'look through fog
Stuck in this place without escape forever
Without any reason without any purpose, as the song expired
It is you that was standing there in front of my face

What has now,
With your tears shed 's your soul broke "
Oh when you left me,
In fhághadh my poor heart, 's' nos know a'm

Here without you, my darling, you are still on my mind
Me think about you, and you are in my dreams
Here without you darling but you will still be there in my heart
Tonight (you will a'msa)

So do not say it is finished
There is no sense of, I'm always thinking about you

I was lost without direction
But you've still there in my heart
You are my, 's you will a'msa

I was fine fly
Eventually there, We're together
I am still looking
Eventually there, We're together
Eventually there, six songs together

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