Oileán glas Árann na naomh

Aran Island of saints green
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English (machine translation)

I often think and ghním think deep in my heart,
That many people in this country have not heard never mention descriptions
On the green island paradise is standing maordha in the middle of the waves,
and that the name of the place, the island green Riding the saints.

Our will and heritage from the time of the saints,
our beliefs and our language has not been corrupted or old weather,
Irish gable tasty that music from the cliff than she,
Two talk to each son a mother of two living in the holy Aran.

Is a student friend, if not by you the language of your desire,
is if you want to enhance the appearance of language melodious sweet country ',
If you have property deposited to chothós you weeks or months,
I would advice and made ??thee your holiday in Connemara for the saints.

Will welcome festival and subject before you if you come this way,
will fíorspriod Gaelic generously found in all respects,
not be hungry or thirsty, the taste of honey on each bite,
and that the health of the sick spell days Aran spend the saints.

Fields are white since March that Feil 'Michael,
are the birds musically forever bar the branches,
The blackbird thrush by cantan nightfall,
is an echo from the shore break the sea to the land.

The road, for travel comparable to any craft in the country,
is optional horseback, car or while cycling,
not mud or hole bogs, there is a hill than valleys of heather,
Oh, that blessed the place is, there is an accident at sea than on land.

Sun bright summer when most anxious you ligfeá relax,
beaches are inshore and are crowded with people from every country,
has every kind of dialect can be heard from morning until night,
But a language of Banban the guiding star all over next.

Famous ruins, houses and temples of the holy monks,
is ancient Monuments, forts, castles cell,
is the beautiful blue sky without dust or dust over your head,
are not you cowardly you dtrialla Aran sea of saints.

The exile brought back twice to depression tearful at the beginning of his life,
is joined across the sea with a view to pursue it property,
When turn spent years is haunted and tormented by life,
was a desire to return home his bones to be extended there in a cell.

A sports recreation there thóigfeadh the fog of your heart,
is been less you quarter than days in a craft of the country,
When will your holiday all around there, will mattress and sorrow of your heart,
And the blinded by tears to the day you leave the holy Aran.

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