Béal Átha na hAbhann

Ballinasloe River
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English (machine translation)

A home in this country devotes to help people
is soon to never to mention it,
It breached the kingdom with generosity to humanity
is if I could describe it, I would be happy,
He who ghluaisfeadh over low times the average night
Chluinfeadh class entertainment and poems,
circulated on wine and two filled coil
is not requested any man stretching back quarter.

There Búrcach in the province this Blácach than Brún,
Frinseach, or ancestors of the race week-days,
Linseach than Nugent than any heir district,
Not wishing to call the house of Patrick,
Confession is remission, redemption is a help there,
near the mill is kiln,
is if I took my choice of places of the world,
is in Ballinasloe my favorite river.

There are fish in the river there is fruit on the tree there
are leaf perfectly green and blackberries,
Seilíní as sloes, apples baláiste
Worst growing on top of a limb there,
are the cuckoo there speaking from November to December,
the thrush, the woodcock is the thrush,
the hind accompanied by the dogs in the valleys
is the fox in the trap at the Blazers .

Woods are perfectly flat there, greens accordingly
moon is there, sun and star,
Seagal and rape, the wheat growing there,
is geamhar oats three right there,
the tseisreach spring as the seeds of its gcraitheadh
??is the meadow two splitting a plow,
vessels being dtolladh, they are a key coca,
and cellars are bhfoscailt is preparing.

A Board setting and cooks serving,
dishes there gréithre both expensive, decanters top numbers on the program Le whiskey and wine and Negus, The hancaird there employees that the glasses in their close, a gentlemen drinking health together, Draughts being recorded, and both gcraitheadh ??dice, and playing music from their ropes.

Dinner thus preparing the settlement
are turkeys there, Pullets most géabha,
Monday is the duck, and lamb in their close,
and beef on the front of the dish,
the crab is the lobster, the gurnard is the mackerel
The salmon dressed as turbot,
ling and pollock, cod the wrasse,
is the Tortoise is not required from the feast.

Women impressive world with mood and improve,
Hem is the woman whom the festival,
would dtéiteá to Cork without live without stop
is two walks around Ireland,
Oh, she would not be tired from Lunas' to December
its position is administering of beggars,
Oh, I went proposed, but the public will hear
long may be certificate attributes.

There foal at central there, Piglet by Ukraine there
are loilíoch morning géimnigh,
Donkeys are múillí to eyes in the desert,
Lamb and sheep méiligh,
I account as write the authors it down,
of course I will not lie to him,
in a province with gcearda demeanor and teaching,
gave Ballinasloe River to the championship.

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