An tsióg mhallaithe

The fairy react
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English (machine translation)

I was a good brother of the country's election,
Quality of people from Eve forth,
would be due to a wedding for the winter it,
He did not interest him, to spend there.

Captured seam burning react, draíodóra daughter,
found the rests that she was not enough,
went to dig the garden it like a sheep stealer,
But I get my hands on it, it will not survive.

'A fairy bhradach, God curse you I,
Not a great shame for me to leave you there,
Or any branch of your ancestry to Ireland,
Whatever réagún to a native for a class?

'In time to come to Ireland Viking
was able to escape from me in the swim,
is not the nutrition injected me after the fact
the mountain garden could not grow.'

'While you or was he sent to a contamination?
Not neighbor anyone down there,
was acres purse I planted a row,
ruined you so much and you set the fence.

'Water wells was made ??inside a facial
drank together you drink is any one,
declare war now you sharp sword,
Or is fair departed leave the place.'

Matters of war if you are contamination,
prefer to resolve thee in time,
is the Turkish power is from the King of Greece,
is a word I would have come forth.

'Shall per thousand protestant I Irishmen,
is little reason not contained in your head,
is guarding the British fleet Ireland,
is that it dtóigfeadh together one night.'

'A dirty ugly example, stop your mouth from now,
no I surrender you two say,
matters to discuss protestant
families Gael, there is no good to them.

"A tribe is in England in réagúin two,
is their shelf together on one hill,
would lay a holy angel, is merely nodding,
and Mac shield with one single blow. '

She took a sharp anger and fear me,
She is extracting screams woke her family,
'bring me your weapons with you, we have a close popular
here, if they can our executions.

'I thought it was some time in Ireland that
any man would say that the best self,
is in Cromwell weather solution that I made
??between Gaels and the children of foreigners.'

'Interior now has to date in this life is,
not many creature got somewhat justified,
stood honestly something is not ruined anyone,
A is allowed to walk without tax Ireland?

'That was not dhuitse, your eye was a thing chaon
A could steal two, you and your family itself,
is in the middle of my garden that are in turn made ??you land,
is a great shame for me not to leave you there.'

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