An bhó bhán

The white cow
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English (machine translation)

Last night coming from visiting me yes I saw the cow white,
sitting on a hill lonely a lady two milking,
Oh, I go to her prudently or that I took her the bhuarach,
But she had jumped like hard I or went she in cliff.

Mhalbay attacked me out three high in the Mount Programme,
Who fheicfinnse but John Tailor is the white cow on a harp,
was the bhuarach in one hand with a hat full of strácaí,
is that in a barracks Oughterard he was her stable.

Would need my cow bhánsa three Aran Islands uileag herself,
Ross Little and Máimín and valleys Maam Bird,
Around Oughterard and Connemara Coast was Fate,
But in bhfeilm John preferred her from there to receive she grass.

The invitation news to by Felim escaped my cow white,
is faighigí account urgently what side she is there,
if it is in Hill Loop or in Lettermore grazing,
I'll never to expire it, it is my sheanbhó white .

And west in Carrick Fíodhnla spent yours last night,
Oh, raised the crowd around me there is not perfect all
had coaches families king there were violins woman from there,
were the tombs of people lives there is not dangerous for me are self.

Walter invitation by news up the paper to read,
Around Wood náireoidh Sea or her life,
as she ate the comb is the Carla, the scales are the anvil cheártan
But now she is dead unknown to the world.

I had a day fishing on a rock in nGrua Great,
Who would see attached Fionnbhearra past me but a sailing boat,
Oh, we sat down on a rock there that the two bargaining began
and the first half he offered sea the money was in his hand.

Is going west to Hill She her the sea was very high,
S jumping two like most chaon game which her ??swimming,
is back over Hill tSoilse yes she let the game which was higher
as was Queen Cliff Inagh being drive wishes that Knockmay.

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