Amhrán na n-asal

Song of the donkey
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English (machine translation)

Not many stories planned, since, in the time we were young,
We heard the prediction circumstances change,
Story of seaweed is the turf of the slate sea on waves,
But they tincéaraí the donkeys grabbed victory on each not .

This country is now a comb thuaifeal, oh, yes, last month,
does not call us to preach as race gcurachaí,
the CIE, since, it is you, the mail and the BBC,
is that a thousand curse fuagraithe Fhia people.

Bob Joyce turns me is quite pleased,
He sold two donkeys, one small and one large,
was large sporannaí long they would have anchored boat,
is that gcoinneoidís Cheoinín boat for a week on the road.

I went the other day to Galway dtéinn or back,
At Buy Piglet few goods for the house,
Going east to Stone Tortair out at me is Joe Lee house,
is that thing out in the house rows Mhicilín From Nia.

Horses and donkeys and múillí itself, of course,
was jennet west end them and is low speed,
But Stay in fóillín small, short that she moved away,
Clean bet the firm roof off was inside the house Deairbe coming .

Turning Taylor Mark my morning early Monday,
Moving east to the house of Frank Gorman wants a bag of flour,
he said, 'I have my shit now, I only have my back,
He devised a scheme the horse of donkey, that were cut short his life. '

That is the time to talk to Frank Gorman with, 'I think You are a Fool,
are SOLD your little donkey, I heard That from Joe Coole,
What Made You act this silly, Mark, oh, that's What puzzles me,
You will rue that the day are SOLD baste to a girl from the Deer Country. '

They were driven thence to Galway to Dublin,
loaded them on a plane to the east to Korea,
is another much left to fill most of County Meath
They scantraigh Princess Margaret when she came to County Laois'.

When people gathered bhfacadar England or the show,
was there Churchill and Macmillan John Harding pulled din, 'It Looks like a rebellion, we'll Use the Irish hand, And send them out to Cyprus or else to the Suez Canal . '

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