Amhrán Mháirtín Mhóir

Martin Great Song
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English (machine translation)

And this time a year that has been made ??the sea a large prey,
not just for Galway but on each country,
when death snatched away the lovely old man,
He was a Major Martin TD

When the story went everywhere tormented,
was strong in weak sorrows about,
as they had lost gcaraid the hand would take them,
not today or tomorrow but for life.

And not taken out the morrow,
Of the beautiful parlor which it spent his life,
not been left to dheirfiúirín that sadly tormented,
not today or tomorrow but for life.

There was not burning ardaifreann morrow,
The Church of lot is overflowing,
was the noble low from each craft there,
from the man to the TD bháinín

Was not his big horses in the stable that day,
had their heads up their ears are down,
is the sigh that pretended to Martin's passing,
there was not a strong man of the explosion not to heart.

Was his large boats in the harbor that day,
From yawl pleasure to the large vessel,
is the flag they were always up,
not that day was only half the trees.

Was not the white floating healachaí the day who,
They were from west of the Aran Islands Malone Stream ',
They were march pleasure up like a soldier guard,
To be at a meet wishes tornóig Martin at the lime.

Is no intersection or street corner,
not the day yon were overflowing,
was the child crying woman is at gárthaíl,
By watching Martin going in a cell.

So if you have made ??the big crime, the death is in store for you,
is you have no opportunity to come through,
would the bolt towing the two pressing knot,
would you Martin word you did not survive.

As the heart was generous to laureates have always
used a lot of pockets are keenly aware of,
was not cold or fear of weak or strong,
is not favored to break the law.

Poets not me, although I ply failure,
and not much education in my head,
But Martin would recommend over the men of Ireland,
as he gave his life for us when we were scarce.

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