Tuireamh Mhic Fínín Duibh

Mac Fenian Tuireamh Bay
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English (machine translation)

M'osna through Limerick, Galway and Clergy nostalgia,
In Cork the fleet, and over two dtéinn of tonnaibh away,
Our gcróbhaire alien, a deputy of the hero 'got famous,
That sanctuary Luige and all of the new universe,
San fresh from.

In fresh from sweet was worried and beauty Munster,
Go depression and had left all our clergy contrary,
Our magistrate aliens, our judge who freed our reason
Our gcaraid, our model, our committee and our hero 'had gained
reputation from.

You had gained command of King nglórmhar,
A to ghlacaibh was unknown to cóige king,
not a city under bhrataibh countryside at King George
Do that depression is the lack of a town that síorbhrónach
Sad from.

It is sad to snap Cheachainn weary was I Gan from Mare,
And Banba Cashel worried that Bearnas mouth,
is burning Carberry district without beauty joy
is my chumhasa Rath Chana lost our strong hero.
Strong from.

Our model was alien strong wide'd agile,
rider of society, that the ground gcritheadh ??about you,
do not fear the laws were not teasing your hometown,
But id tis Oscar invitation as the spoils of Cuil
On back from.

Backward dtaxanna Munster remains difficult,
would resolve to lagaibh ceasna thrunc stamina,
is most fun with friends to a maireadh in west Munster,
your wide smile, to my sorrow rider answer them poetically,
Black from.

Scamallaibh is a dark about the heavens to us,
and there is a lack or absence of chnocaibh or black mountains
But in the war of kings frequently inflicted the yonder
is by Limerick m'osna you that the new trait.

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