Thug Mé Rúide

I Made A Dash
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This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Frankie Kennedy, Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Mark Kelly and Ciarán Curran. It more...

This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Frankie Kennedy, Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Mark Kelly and Ciarán Curran. It appears on the album Altan, the second studio album by Frankie Kennedy and Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, originally released in 1987.

Note from anonymous:

Thug mé an rúide is obviously composite. It begins with a “version” of An Caisideach Bán, includes a verse more commonly associated with Dónall Óg and also includes material from an Droighneán Donn. An Caisideach Bán, in the versions quoted or alluded to above, has retained in traditional transmission a text very close to manuscript testaments not far removed in date from the time of Tomás Ó Casaide himself. The Ulster song is not, however, the only one to tack on these verses as some Connaught versions, which retain the Caisideach aspect much more than the Ulster ones, also tack on some of these same verses.

Notes from The Doegen Records:

These verses are most commonly sung as part of the well-known song ‘An Caisideach Bán’. Mary Costello (Galway) and Pádraig Ó Néill (Galway) sing Connacht versions elsewhere in the Doegen collection. Cathal Goan notes that the verses on the present recording and verses from ‘An Draighneán Donn’ and ‘Mailí Mhómhar’ are often found together in Donegal, where the song is known as ‘An Gaiscíoch Bán’ or ‘An Buachaill Bán’. See Cathal Goan (ed.), Róise na nAmhrán: songs of a Donegal woman (RTÉ, 1994), 39. Róise Bean Mhic Grianna (‘Róise na nAmhrán’) sings it under the title ‘Dá mBeinn i mo Bhádóir’ on the accompanying CD. Éamonn Mac Ruairí (Tory Island) and Áine Uí Laoi (Gaoth Dobhair/Gweedore) sing Donegal versions on Seoda sean-nóis as Tír Chonaill (Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 1996), where introductory notes and texts are provided by Lillis Ó Laoire. Ó Laoire (personal correspondence) notes that in Donegal versions the phrase ‘An Buachaill Bán’ is most often used instead of ‘An Caisideach Bán’ (see end of the second verse in the present recording). Altan include a version of the song on Celtic myths (Proper Recording Arts SA, 2002).

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English (machine translation)

Uncle Rat gave a Summit Crudiche
'S second Ruide' the Red Mountain
'G's report ask my girlfriend left troubled mind
'S black coal than it did my heart' of the middle

Not slow's not early, as she informed me
The grow 'grass through a' ground up
The moon would light dhears in Ireland
And the soilseachadh 'star to the waist of her night

There's a 'nice young girl than thrialladh a' road with me
'Accommodation where I was nice to her arrival the night
I would be approaching my heart's squeezing
'S hand between my two long did the night

'S if I did not my boatmen south as shnámhfainn
A head and a pile of his love is my heart
I would say to the tonnes of blue
Up to the bank thanks

'S I'm at home this year's three quarters
'S I from death not' their child,
without permission from the clergy
Marry a 'couple if they were willing
On hand to connect ghreimdhá cruiaidh

There was a flute and organ music playing there
'S my young girl was walking south at MC
Cha n'iarrfainn wealth of time of my death is
A kiss one's from my heart treasure

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