Thiós Fá’n Chósta

Down By The Coast
Written by Pól Ó'Bhraonáin, Ciarán Ó'Bhraonáin and Pól Ó'Dúgaín. This song appears on Clannad's seventh al more...

Written by Pól Ó’Bhraonáin, Ciarán Ó’Bhraonáin and Pól Ó’Dúgaín. This song appears on Clannad’s seventh album Magical Ring, released in 1983.

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Travelling down by the coast
The stars shimmering in the sky
Looking back at my days of youth
And the place in which I spent my life

There's a beautiful cliff on this side
That was hit and broken by the waves
The people that are odd and cruel
Polluting this world every night

I saw her, like a great ship
I felt in me strain and it's sad
If this place is destroyed again in front of my people
It'll be the day when I am in this life

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