Teampall na naomh

Church of saints
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English (machine translation)

If you ever go walking country or place ",
make sure in your mind on the way to catch
Please chased the people, the old and the relatively
Forming in Ireland iargúil elegant is not the place.

These are nice stories book from the pen,
While Irish love stories right there,
is perfectly real well there not written it yet,
By his naomhaíocht 'for it leigheasódh death.

Back to top is not to write him a reputation it goes
from the Port Beach'd Chlóidh to Cape Bird,
towns among the mountains, on board Yellow Crescent lake,
Genre in the iargúil, along Fourth Stone.

By the account of this saint himself,
For he predicted that smell, Son of God by grace,
But he got his luachtaíocht ', not so much to say,
That in iargúil Ireland' love is the small cell.

Irish college she was, from the time shíoraíocht ',
Slavery or servitude not spread to one,
have their lives at sea fíorshaothraithe west,
In iargúil Ireland' is our holy temple.

Basket is made ??and pads, the tsrathar as the harness,
have made ??the right coracle floating on the harbor,
is from the tweed weaver, so must the action,
In iargúil Ireland 'is our holy temple.

No inn or doctor, the story is not so poor,
But the taxi hire and that eternal subject,
is Couriers Dáil and must be paid,
is left in iargúil we along our holy temple.

Proverbs true, most of the polled nglic,
In circulating the people but remains the hills,
are the eternity of appearance of the sun
Facing the holy temple, where lies the Gaels.

A road in this world are just as crooked,
Where people walk or treatment time,
is both guarded the light, and grace on every side,
With that whoever extends permanently in our holy temple.

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