Sliabh Liag

Stone Mountain
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English (machine translation)

Stone Mountain beautiful big that long grass grow it,
and honey yellow was going downhill on the Maam as if the dew,
Which triumph hills both bhreáichte he fíormhullaigh Tara
In Nephin Mac .so that hAontroim that Boyne;
Food pleasure fairs there, woods that delight there
is a time in my fairy caolbhárca are underway,
Food bprionsaí road coaches of their attack
Restaurant majority of sweet butter and cow milk.

She mound bhinneach fresh it can abhaill her as apples,
bees making clusters pairings that apes nut,
not fruit any of Aoibhne not grow the fury in it,
And sweet smell taomtha on each side of her top;
be able stacks barley, wheat where there dowels,
Cáisí yellow cream soft rushes grow,
Summer permanently ceilúr most cuckoo numbers there
is méithmhart moving in the Maam cream.

Is at the brink of the sea in Malin is the mountain decorative beautiful,
the apple is the rod that grows there and not least raspberry,
not calf cow without oak than the ground for without her brood there,
is the chréibhric grow about temple that McKee;
at the brink Bile meals the eye is blue shéimhidh,
is the hawk to jump there is becoming a wind,
And heels Mount Anne is the estuary breáichte,
the trout and the salmon white to seizure in your number.

Is at heels Mount Anne court is bright as parlor,
lime walls white as taipléis' of living,
a highly-bhruínte the mountain to ghluaiseas hundreds
' Un bainse most 'un feast the like of each country;
Restaurant crowd of women Greek 'Dualach good clothes,
is a théadaí to mbréagadh harp and pipe,
era I melodious cuckoo there playing the loneliness,
I top or upper rushes toime Super McKee.

O'Dowd and O'Malley is the Búrcach optimum,
A district and State to every day about hope,
and there is a ship of dtéid abroad not forward it to tharlaíos,
Under shores tons pale as the boat under his direction;
Be din children major fleet 'of ndeoidh there
Since Rossan area that Drumnalifferny nÚgh Board,
Ventry that there báirí around to Malin,
and not deriving many beautiful view from the fort Anne.

The court Master Béarla, a garden is a trench
is a static around that Estuary Fish,
Food sea island míonla there gases bright as faoilinn,
Caolmhac the díomhna and sheep herds;
Be fleet passed there, Frenchmen for centuries there
tree of flags that the wind lowers the ndéidh anyway,
guns shooting filled released there,
and about south of the temple received the joy you all.

When extracted clock of the clergy was the Priest Great heir,
is plural so Croleavy time goes they stone,
Whose triumph he géilliúint from Scotland to Ireland,
from High King of Greece has so much to be rent;
Food wolf and the lion there, Philip and Donnell,
is without bloody penny feel healed those who did not drink wine,
time goes as' un accounts suídh they base in order
and on the south side of the temple goes to chant at Hugh.

A young priest in this place and it got profession cráifí,
is served in the parlor by Anne in close,
If receives six cans of wine bed soundly birds at night,
Draughts that dies there is an opportunity to put 'un walking;
Lantern is ceoltaí, tancair that beer,
is stipulated sheórt all should be there,
With Santu treasures it tréigfidh the order
Unlike former coach Donnell their desire.

Dochartach festival to court to halls shining ',
and a roundabout accordingly side Mhín soldier,
is biolrach clover green grass bottom top Croleavy,
Be green foliage of féithle there géimneach the calf;
Badgers as Torque corncrake, the peak debt is the thrush
at intuition there is envy dtéid where they lie,
and with early morning dog getting a dog food to their request,
and sweeter buafaill blowing through Magee Super cream.

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