Sláinte na n-éanach

Health fen
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English (machine translation)

Succeeded the great eagle out to the Easter meeting,
and warned the public to be on guard,
not chicken he meant from Derry to Downpatrick,
Le banquet to the tseabhac most feel that indeed not to love it
and the health ólfaimid Fen.

On the morning sun m'éirí out my spats me dressed,
Around the back of the home to a fence down the restrictions,
turns red Seonaidh me as I sought advice to help,
is it said that a home pill spare some neighbors
and health ólfaimid the fen.

Successfully oldest hen them out over the garden fence,
and pity I did not eat the fox than the Spáige great eagle,
When in the center was not to obtain liberty street,
With my little pick ghráinnín obtain everywhere omitted s,
and health ólfaimid the fen.

White beauty, came over from the Tuathfinn about,
and indeed if often came she was not gloomy,
'd play the cuirealán she so sweetly with the cuckoos,
And then drink a glass of beer as well as O Thuathaláin son,
and of health ólfaimid -éanach.

Fheannóg turbulent came around to put towards the feast,
bless the King and me to you she says to the birds,
If ye bring home to me the fat of the steak,
Oh I get hIorras as dh'iarraidh poor would beg there,
and ólfaimid health of Fen.

If you saw the rabbit and mouse with me in a black hole,
Nest at the dreolán in the ghandail bhféasóig,
the water hen and the truideog engaged thrumpaí songs,
The fox playing miolarán is the dancing,
and the health of their ólfaimid Fen.

And slogans to slogans O Mhaoileagáin, would you me affinity?
Me Seán 'ac Sírín son Shílidín the calves,
have been my sheep, the property good' un bainse,
and furnishes you your daughter to me mhuirbhfinn to stand,
and ólfaimid health fens.

When moving in the drink them they went on the random,
sprinkle them their wing and they pulled 'Glenties,
Char leaving síothlán, a piece of tin or native plants
not dtear They mile piece of a dímeas the bainse,
and ólfaimid health of -éanach.

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