Sicíní Bhríd Éamoinn

Chickens Éamoinn Bride
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English (machine translation)

And heard you or did you see any destruction is coming to Ireland,
as did dog Tomily of chicks Bride Eamon?
He came in from faltanas day is dress to breakfast,
and it involved the head without perception of the mother of the twelve poor.

In fhága so oppressed that are screaming at géarghol,
Two spread throughout the walled fields that have the fabric without straw,
If they die, in the psalter-house or constitute the Protastúin,
no way from heaven but to go by begging.

The Dog:
a friend to neighbors, than géilligíse Edmond,
I will go un public or that I find accommodation,
That puppy taught calm day I started taking my outbreak of Civil War,
Witch from Scandinavia and is proposing presbyterians .

I was engaged in this town and I entered the house of Eamon,
was a witch by the fire and the pursuit of three books Freemasons,
not first in my position than she spoke habartha,
' are you a Roman Catholic or What's your occupation ? '

I did not get many scholarship education is English,
But I went ACROSS the Spelling Book is that I read a little bit Irish,
not my family had potential and that I fhága by weather,
and 'un Mass which is always my draw when rarely I go anywhere!

The Witch:
Deny the masses and Irish faith fortune,
superb with Protastúin and read the recantation,
has value to the ' fhamily and balachtáil thee otherwise,
and you get the job of Government is that unlike most creatures.

When I go giving my trips, not to a priest than to friars,
not chatting with feet that I would be the one to attend,
was enough for thee to say a baby with a fool or a fool,
not ghéillim to preach is not believed the Pope's mouth.

The Dog:
If they read the prayers female from their Duty,
are not adjusting unlike so Luther
He rejected the grace of God and put it up for tsacraiméid,
He denied the body of the Saviour as did the thief Judas.

Great sin not I hang slaughter or torture me,
Because of Viking chailligh Brady from Egypt!
When news came from England won by O'Connell that law,
died the day of receipt is aicís the Emancipation .

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