Seachrán Chairn tSiail

Cairn tSiail Lost
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English (machine translation)

On my withdrawal Carn tSiail me,
In fair annual Feil 'Mary Major,
took the maiden from the side of west beach,
and is a cianmhar walking in the road;
I consider,' them, that scar my senses I,
As I would turn siabhrán or drinking,
appeared to me that the sun is bright dark
alongside all apparently his cheeks as was a rose.

'In defiance you my shacán hemp,
My sheantriús Spanish and my edge Ciar,
is very well see clearly between the black and the white,
and not the woman stráiciúla heaviest sense;
Do not think that ionsort I'm saying that,
A maiden ciabh beautiful witness,
But too much leakage of them that I love them,
And undersized m 'attention to a half or thirds.

'I was poitigéireacht in Newry,
and improve my course I got a degree,
Seal' my bhrachadóir by Colonel Luther,
'My jockey troops at the Prince o' Wales;
Seal 'my doctor, spell my magistrate,
' My Castle tSéaghain care priest,
'My master school below Derry Nuisance,
was nice as I taught Mac O'Neill.

It says streabhóga Kings County to
That little the wonder I have no dowry,
Drinking and playing, oh, night shift,
and 'asleep again until the end of the day;
Seal in ochras every girl idle,
and without any of them know where is my choice,
between Letterkenny and Bottom the Ghaoith
the caile cry with my interest.

'Would take giús in early March,
is I would be seasoned in the summer again,
I would make candles in the day of,
is I would báirseoireacht in the night;
Ghabhfainn deer you in the beginning of autumn
and badger the Chrónáin then on,
I would chase the major cnocaibh,
would bustle in the vicinity of my number.

'I was on the Moneymore, Castle Caba,
in Ballygawley most Lisnasharragh spawning',
I was in Monaghan at the Grange,
and Bridge Coolaney for more than a year;
'By Occurring Bridges Ford' I,
Tonight I'm under Carn tSiail,
Now if you own discretion I Available on men,
Oh, my hand to you, bíom bound. '

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