Píopa Ainde Mhóir

Big Andy’s pipe
From roisinelsafty.com: A light-hearted song about Big Andy’s pipe. So big was the pipe, that its smoke caused fog on more...

From roisinelsafty.com: A light-hearted song about Big Andy’s pipe. So big was the pipe, that its smoke caused fog on the sea, baled water from a sinking boat and provided plenty of smoke from one filling for all the hags in the land!

In the video is a beautiful rendition by Irish singer Róisín Elsafty. Róisín comes from Conamara, in the West of Ireland and grew up in a musical family. Singing came naturally, even before she learnt speak. She has been singing from an early age, inspired by her mother, Treasa Ní Cheannabháin, a native of Cill Chiaráin, Conamara, and encouraged by her father and native Egyptian Dr. Saber Elsafty. Treasa taught her “amhráin ar an sean-nós” or ‘old-Style singing’. This is the age-old art of Irish traditional singing, of an acapella-style, and sung singularly. Sean-nós songs can be as much as 600 years old, and have been handed down through the generations, and from district to district. There are a great many themes, as with many songs, but Róisín sings mostly love songs.

Please excuse the machine translation, I’ll try to get a proper translation asap.

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And I I night Landing leave the Fhia is coming from music,
The mist gathered around me is not clear for me whatsoever,
And bring all the the kiln was gcaoloch Bible,
The smoke above me was pipe Great Ainde.

And my blessing to pray a'd down, Great Ainde
Your son was that Calvary dtige able calf cow,
As you the extensive pipe was made ??in this country was,
Till I shall not need the winter quarter or her sport.

And who the woman líonfas it is not a straw or peat,
Nine pounds down And as a piece of leaf,
Cailleachaí country And chruinnídís a 'surrounded
And they would all Great remainder in Ainde pipe.

Seekers attached to Ennis Nia us to sheep and cows
Rough morning gheimhriúil it is quite gaofarach,
Passing through Tóin O'Flynn us yes the boat started filling
's not strange gallons of drainage by pipe Great Ainde?

And I was out on a I Kilbride fair drinking,
Companionship was good around me 'and good servings music behind,
There were two from Limerick is the great still blocked,
When the older old woman asked "Ab 'in pipe Great Ainde?"

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