Na Buachaillí Álainn

The Beautiful Lads
This song appears on Clannad's sixth album Fuaim, released in 1982.

This song appears on Clannad’s sixth album Fuaim, released in 1982.

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My blessing on the lads
Who left over the sea
But they left us nice clothes to wear
To go out on a Sunday
A coat that stretched to the ground
And a blouse of strong silk
Trousers that were in fashion
And shoes of Spanish leather

Oh the lads
The lads were beautiful
Oh the lads
The lads were beautiful

When I saw the rough sea
Oh my heart was broken
Thinking about the lads
As they are in the boats
But I pray to the King of the Angels
That the planets settle down
That they bring home the lads
Who are in danger of being drowned


I got a letter from Scotland
It did not satify me
That the lads had married
The girls of that place
It's not that we wouldn't like them
If they satisfied us
But the girls of the island
They're the ones we prefer

(Chorus 4x)

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