Murchadh Ó Maoláin

Murchadh Mullen
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English (machine translation)

Is chuaichín south Mayo Attention, why you let the ring you?
And I be present, I think Pein should,
and how well I would give a reputation for every thousand members of you,
from hair to head sloping that heels for shoes;
a is a King of France of wine, beer, a brand,
this amount is not ghlacfainnse made ??for your kiss,
But as long as would the Church for your connection to your beloved,
that attention should I send it to you two days I would live.

The boy pretty entertaining 'is in Murrough Small Mullen,
has quietly accomplished, friendly innocent women,
is not a young woman in this country, two requested not to receive,
is fifty guinea thanks to her version of the program;
comprise said the daughter in the night with her ??mother in low tones,
'Sell the cows as sheep that have the pínneachaí available,
is a must for me over nice clothes around,
Zone of silk finer and knot it about the middle . '

And recognize most and should be hard for me to step on the road,
many women in popular but are not destined for them,
is a demon abroad Corner two trades if they would not,
Asking how far back is dtriallaidís 'heads;
is was too well in home drinking is it that though the ease there,
But,' paid I scored so dRINK your fill of,
are the yellow gold in my pockets as pieces of rough crown
will soon I married my darling any such place. '

But since you recite your words, seathuigim self be true,
many t'iarraidh wife because of your reputation,
are in Clare Island woman is another woman in the back former Umhaill,
one hundred twenty virgin western Counties program;
is what good 'have me two count, two increased and two decreased,
But leave them back and forth because there is too much in it,
But two many two are both trying not marry it this year,
as long Far it is true love in the breast maighre white.

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