Mo shlán beo soir

My live east secure
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English (machine translation)

My sound live east where I was raised,
I am young in the beginning of my life,
on the mbáinseog finely Inch Green,
As are the trout shields.
These gases us that the Gull bright,
Very quiet traffic from the sky,
and cry at the dtoinn consequence the sill,
sliding into the pier.

Calm morning was not pleasant walk,
On the edge of the river was clear,
As gcloisinn the howling often my ears,
From shíorghuth permanent bird.
Once the starling as the cuckoo is the thrush chanting,
is the lark above in the air,
The spideoigín womb blackbird is sweet,
is the corncrake in the grass below.

That beach was not pleasant to the henna,
on rising to the sun
As a former boy of my age to come eternal,
Playing strong playboy.
Was 'I need' and 'you Leogaim'
At the best of men on each side,
is the mighty round ball with sticks,
would meet a nice left.

Out in the boat was not beautiful event,
On darken the row,
is the oars in hand men,
Promptly taking it.
In Loop Rineen the Island Don,
is to Skellig Michael Saints
him heading in the course of each fish two goes,
is landed without interest.

On Gleanntán graciously not high my heart,
In time to dtíodh the Feis,
That Day Michael was strongest sword,
In the work of true self
Mara would blind their sight without delay,
At twingle through the sun,
and cross sticks a mbirt ditches,
after that he got a jump beggars.

My eye for Christ to return again,
Carrying over the dtaoide steep,
As is my body brightest heart,
Without a fraud without perverse,
For I put them down and resurrection,
is to conform again to my side,
heading the way that Calvairí,
birthday true God.

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