Mná spéiriúil Ros an Mhíl

Women cheerful Rossaveel
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English (machine translation)

The north wind was blowing relentlessly as I m'aonraic day and night,
My heart within two rupture on the mountain in love with a woman,
not a woman who was' after me but the hundreds around the world,
Or I would I not rather géimiúil women Rossaveel cheerful.

Pity ever if I did if true I will not bite,
If I find favor with each other from the first lady as intrigues me,
which one I'd prefer or where women are fine thought
Not bpósfainn woman Aran two obtain attention Rossaveel.

Although any is what's in store for me this poem is running and the heart,
provided that there would be many of the songs taking IMF
is truly beautiful about Suibhneach, giving love your daughter stewards,
gave I my face on Aran and Aran young woman.

I was from Ireland scaitheamh turn at reading and writing,
Three parks were by plows plowing réabthaí thríothu,
was taking over the top gallons there gloineachaí overflow,
Where women were not red from Aran than women Rossaveel.

And she had a charity I receive and had known that I was a comic,
was a young girl in love with me coming over the sea here come from over the sea,
is now if I tóiriúil young women to dhamhsódh reel,
a woman was taken in Aran or woman red Rossaveel.

If I'm in shape craftsman hitting road, no way,
I was in college in California among young women who learned the law,
the one who would strike me today to pen it is scarce throughout the world,
is not yet born in Aran than Rossaveel married.

As if dropped any woman in this place in love has existed,
did not give me much attention on young women still from the mountain,
But shnámhfainnse to Aran is from Kinsale without any risk,
is to liachtaí fine day I launched from Kilronan east wind.

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