Máirín Staunton

Maureen Staunton
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English (machine translation)

There pabhsae shining onto the pier
and met Deirdre with breáichte is well pleased,
is their abrainn Eiléan queen Greek
On collapse of hundreds of top two in Troy,
is brightest lit it, consecutively,
a cliff Her mouth than bundle branch,
is a mood than tréithre not receive any woman
from the pearl died in Baile Uí Hue.

And if you saw the maiden is caught dressed,
sunny day in the street as she walked,
Light freight preamble bright
A would give insight blind without hope,
love centuries in the program faces,
bet to watch a star knell,
is if she were in effect during the gods,
not up to the Venus would be afforded the apple.

There are hair turning her down generations,
weaving and bending a mouth shoe,
In dhualta separated, is also green with dew,
is a thrilsí sweeping beyond the roadway,
she goes the maid brightest taught
Of opened surviving hope alive,
if me or state district Lord Lucan
According meaning would cause me my treasure.

A com narrow chalk the cheeks as Dubh
A two breast comhchruinn before his heart,
To make, slabs and points of amber,
as the dew of autumn is the looks it,
Virgil, Cicero, than power Hóimir
would not be proportionate a beauty or love to,
I went in you sin, bloom of youth,
is you will one unless I drink I will not months.

Walking or dancing if you saw the plant
shall give an ansacht to bloom the branches,
A burning cheeks through the heart without suffering,
is not something benign breast nearing smooth,
Power Shamsóin than Alexander,
of course, not replace shantóinn my desire,
But I doubt if I find say
With Maureen Staunton, that my life short.

She gave me great pleasure early,
It set me Seth is not in gclúid,
drank a drink on me, the heart of the festival,
In time I brought a catch to walk,
I met speaking and conversing with her,
is taught she looked at me, apple flower,
Here's to you without word of mouth bonds fake,
she causes the sway her from Mary Brown.

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