Línseach Bhearna

Línseach Gap
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English (machine translation)

Costello was going from poor stamina as I tired of my journey,
I is Barna asked me home.
I found that immediately adjacent to the forest,
Where grow nut and sloe.

Oh, the gold bridge on the Oistre Hole still
is money in stores will be the Master,
the Army is coming steadily for doing sports,
I look at the beautiful youngster.

Puins enough wine to be between us on board,
Health man drinking three quarter two.
Those sign to the young heir to vacate not forever,
is Línseach will win Connacht at Gap.

The shipping is done at the Línseach in this country
of forests of trees that grew it.
The exact form gléasfar fleet is in right way
is to have guns on their side shooting.

What a sport in the country when the pool fleet,
will sail under their rods shíodaí white,
Now is come forth exact fleet of King,
a month he will visit in Gap.

What we made ??it there if choíchin go back?
Will drop all of the district because of the dust,
is the meacha went from sucking their sheer longing honey,
is the birds, they drop their feathers down the slope.

The beautiful Línseach who have the diamonds before him
A fish can harbor because each,
is a face to eye right 'than the dew morning star',
is a model of two apple flower in the garden.

The wheat grows himself where he walks,
the extent of green grass in Gap,
a brighter side than the lime, which is redder than the berry cheek,
when she matures branch valleys.

Greek King's daughter is dying later thought,
is not expected slept a stunning three quarter,
is that words comprised- oral said that angel himself,
A former associate of the grace of God.

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