Liam an chapaill bháin

Liam white horse
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English (machine translation)

Did not we old woman turns into a white fáinnín a day,
and she asked for us greet thréis not whether we slept last night,
did not we politely told the kinder we did not no lie,
House Josaí King of the Head Grease Mhaidhcil Kelly from the house the dive.

And fly on said join coffins, he was with me himself,
'Bring tea for the men who are walking from the night before last,
two pens red in my pocket and I have I give thee,
But drop the men away and do not leave without tea. '

Is not fork we in bonnaíochaí and we went away,
not we were below in Maam Cross at half thréis five,
was terrified of coming is after us that we would be there in time,
did not our sail we just on the b platform when the train was there with our heels.

We got our tickets and we went on the train,
we were not down in Galway between ten and one sixteen,
Did not we walked Market Street from Dominick Street to Pier,
is not we got any man would we but Murphy Loughrea.

Not thóig We jaunting car in the town center,
was a man of us was going to Loughrea is the other one that Horan Great,
did not lose yours my pharcel between Galway Renmore,
not wire wishes me to the Guards my sheantreabhsar to catch.

My advice dhaoibhse, boys, if you go to County Clare,
Let the tea sugar is my soul you transport the bread itself,
as there is nothing available free bye roads you on the m h ail car,
Marine you have money in their pockets men not call you received.

As if I find the world of veils Bear, through centuries of seven days,
not thóigfinn again risked it is away from County Clare,
as we got hungry, cause there we were in all crises,
without a boat friends to like was in favor we, six Grand Liam White.

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