Léimigí Thart

Jump Around
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Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian. He was brought up in New York and is now primarily based in Ireland, after bei more...

Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian. He was brought up in New York and is now primarily based in Ireland, after being sent to boarding school in County Wexford for a heavy drinking problem in 1990 at the age of 14. Bishop’s TV show, In the Name of the Fada premiered in 2008. It deals with Bishop trying to learn Irish to a standard sufficient to perform an entire standup act through the language. During this period he achieved fluency in the language. He later used his Irish to sing the Gaeilge version of the song Jump Around called Léim Thart

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Shut your gob, shut your mouth
Listen to my story,
If you think you understand
You are fooling yourself
I'm going to deafen you,
Tie me up with a chain
Come here, son, don't be talking shit
In the middle of summer
Súistín búistín
buile beaga shúistín
Don't be a jerk,
Or you're going to get a slap
I don't want to
Hear your shit
Dancing, dancing,
Without effort
Nasty lads,
Naughty young girls
I pay no attention
To the Garda Síochána
In Carraroe,
Out in the countryside
Jump now, jump now,
Jump now without delay

If it's wrong,
If it's wrong,
I don't care, i don't care,
Jump around!
jump around!
C'mon, get off your hole and jump around!
Jump (x12)

I'll serve you
like John McEnroe
If your woman steps up,
I'll slap the ho!
Where is your family,
where are your friends,
where is the music,
Play it louder
And now like hot water,
I am boiling
If you see me coming,
You'd better be running
'Cos i'm like Tom Cruise
in that film Top Gun
You won't stop me
with a shotgun!
If you do, it will be clear right soon
And you will be on the floor
You won't ever get up again,
that's the craic
Now, my dear,
listen to my voice
out on the floor
like Peigín Leitir Mór


I'm the best man,
so i'm the greatest
You won't see me standing
in the middle
Or at the end either
on the other side of the bridge
if they come as far as me,
i'll bury them,
out on the bog,
as they cut turf,
Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday
Up up 'n down
and up and around
Shut your face,
it's dirty and covered with snot
As light as a feather
As hot as porridge
You wait for it,
Or I'll take it from you


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